Pliska - 100 years of archaeological excavations
R. Rashev, Ya. Dimitrov

Pictures of the Madara Horseman

"The Madara Rider, representing the figure of a knight triumphing over a lion, is carved into a 100-m-high cliff near the village of Madara in north-east Bulgaria. Madara was the principal sacred place of the First Bulgarian Empire before Bulgaria's conversion to Christianity in the 9th century. The inscriptions beside the sculpture tell of events that occurred between A.D. 705 and 801. "  (UNESCO's web-page on the Madara rider)




Another view of the Madara horsemen with the accompanying inscriptions

The text to the right of the Madara horseman (after K. Skorpil, 1932)
The text to the right of the Madara horseman (after V. Beshevliev, 1991)


Caves in base of Madara cliff once used as places of worship

Pictures from: VBeshevliev, 20-21; SVaklinov, p. 32, 101; RRashev, p. 139, ZAladzhov, p. 4, 22.

------> External references: The Madara Horseman - Another point of view  by M. Staneva
                                             Proto-Bulgarian inscriptions at  (in Greek, Bulgarian)